Portable Hot Water Sinks


We offer full delivery, setup and takeaway service to all Arizona locations

Portable Hot Water Hand Washing Station

  • Fully self contained
  • 5.5  gallon fresh tank and 7 gallon gray tank will provide 18-12 second hand  washes at a time. Bigger tanks are available for both the fresh and  gray water tanks.
  • Electric heater sinks can be used inside or outside
  • Propane heated sinks can be used outside only
  • Rugged wheels that allow access over any terrain
  • Paper towel and Soap dispenser

3 Compartment Sink

  • Includes a hand wash station on the backside
  • Hot water heater will provide 120-140 degree water
  • set up on rugged wheels that allow access over rough terrain
  • Propane heated and can only be used in a well ventilated outdoor event. 

******Delivery Only - Unless You Pick Up With A Box Truck*******